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  01 - I've applied ThoroSeal ® to my wall, so why does the wall still seem damp?
                               There are two possible reasons for this. The most common is that moisture in the air is condensing on your newly-coated wall. Use a dehumidifier to correct this problem. Otherwise, you may not have applied the required minimum of two coats of ThoroSeal ®. Applying a second coat should correct the problem. Water seepage may be caused by damaged or clogged train tiles, poor grading, or low building site (high water table), all of which must be corrected from the outside of the wall.







  02 - Im using ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® or ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ®. Should I mix Acryl 60 ® with these products?
                               Yes. Acryl 60 ® is an acrylic polymer emulsion that turns cement-based products into superior waterproofing agents. For ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® and ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ®, pre-mix the Acryl 60 ® with water - 3 parts water and 1 part Acryl 60 ®, and then mix that in with the product.







  03 - How much Acryl 60 ® should I mix with ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® or ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ®?
                               Mix 2 quarts of Acryl 60 ® to one 50-pound bag of product.







  04 - I want to coat an unpainted stone, brick, cement, cement block, or similar surface. Whats the best way to clean it?
                               A weak solution of water and muriatic acid works best to etch the surface and remove accumulated mineral salts. Scrub well to clean, rinse with water, then repeat rinse.







  05 - Ive heard that cement-based coatings sometimes crack or crumble after they dry. What can I do to prevent this from happening to me?
                               Coatings may crack or crumble if too much water or too much cement is used in making the mix, so be sure and measure carefully and mix thoroughly. Also, you should dampen the wall before you apply your first coat, and then again between coats.







  06 - How large an area can I repair with ThoroCrete ®?
                               Start out working on a small area first. Its best to mix up only the amount of mortar that can be applied in 30 minutes. If you mix up too large a batch, it may begin to set up while youre working. One quart of mix will cover about 1.5 square feet about one quarter of inch thick. ThoroCrete ® is not recommended for use on crevices deeper than one quarter inch. "Use it to repair a step, not create one."







  07 - Can Waterplug ® be used on a painted surface?
                               No, because it would bond to the paint rather than the substrate, and the Waterplug ® would eventually come loose with the paint still attached to it. To prevent this, prepare the area by removing paint and any loose material first, then apply Waterplug ®.







  08 - How long does it take Thoro coatings to dry or cure?
                               Cure times vary according to which product is being used, and also depend on the temperature and humidity. The following guidelines apply:

ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint Allow a minimum of 3 hours curing time between coats at 70 F and 50% humidity. Cool temperatures and high humidity slow down the curing rate and increase the time between coats.

ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® Allow to cure for 24 hours, then apply a second coat, finishing with vertical strokes.

ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® Maintain a temperature of at least 40 F during and after application, and allow 12 24 hours between coats.







  09 - Can Thoro coatings be painted over?
                               In general, no, we do not recommend painting over Thoro coatings. ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® and ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® should never be painted over. ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint may be painted over, but wait at least 30 days to allow a full and complete cure, and then use latex paint only. Super ThoroSeal ® should not be painted over painting voids the product warranty.







  10 - Can Thoro coatings be tinted?
                               ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® may be tinted with a dry pigment such as iron oxide. Add no more than 1 pound of dry pigment per 50-pound bag of white coating. Super ThoroSeal ® and other Thoro coatings should not be tinted.







  11 - Are Thoro coatings available in colors?
                               Yes! ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint is available in White. ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® is available in White and Gray. ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® is available in Dark Gray only, and Super ThoroSeal ® is available in White only.







  12 - How much water should I add to mix up some ThoroCrete ®?
                               Start by adding 2.5 quarts of clean water to your mixing vessel. Slowly add in the ThoroCrete ® powder while mixing a power mixer on low speed is recommended. Mix until there are no dry lumps of powder remaining. Then mix in another 0.5 quarts of water till a stiff but workable mortar is achieved. Use the least amount of water possible to avoid a runny mix. Its best to mix up only the amount of mortar that can be placed in 30 minutes at 70 F and 50% humidity. If you mix up too large a batch, it may begin to set up while youre working. Set time is affected by the temperature at which you are working. To compensate, use warmer or colder water in the mix.







  13 - How much water should I add to mix up some Waterplug ®?
                               Consider that you will only want to prepare what youll be able to place in 3 minutes time. Wear waterproof gloves when working with Waterplug ®. Add a minimal amount of clean water to your mixing vessel. Slowly add in the Waterplug ® Hydraulic Cement. Use your (gloved) hands to mix for no longer than 30 seconds, giving a stiff putty consistency. (Waterplug ® will become quite warm). For larger, preventive repair areas, use slightly more water to yield a heavy batter consistency.







  14 - Can I use ThoroSeal ® or Super ThoroSeal ® to seal my pond or cistern?
                               Yes! Apply the coating, then wait 5 days to allow time for a complete cure. Scrub the pond or cistern with salt water a couple of times, and rinse thoroughly before filling with water.







  15 - Can I use ThoroSeal ® or Super ThoroSeal ® to waterproof stucco surfaces?
                               Yes! Both may be used to waterproof stucco. Careful surface preparation is important, so follow the directions on the product package.







  16 - Whats the best way to apply Thoro coatings?
                               Good surface preparation and proper mixing are key. All Thoro coatings require a 2-coat application. For best results, follow all product directions carefully. For example, ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint should be troweled or rolled on (3/4 nap) - never brushed. Brushing this product will overwork it giving a dry, crumbly finish. ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® may be brushed on with a Tampico brush or troweled on. Super ThoroSeal ® should be applied with a Tampico brush, back-brushing during application. After mixing, the brush should stand up in about 1 of mix this is a good indication it is mixed correctly and ready to apply.







  17 - Are Thoro products to be used in application with Foam Board and Pools?
                               Thoro products are not recommended for these applications.







  18 - What Thoro Consumer Products require Acryl 60 ®?
                               Thorite ®, ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ®, and ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® are performance-enhanced by the addition of Acryl 60 ®.







  19 - Do specific Thoro Consumer Products require two coats?
                               Yes, ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® , Super ThoroSeal ®, and ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint. Concrete and Masonry Sealer may require two coats depending upon the surface application.







  20 - For surface preparation and repair, what Thoro Consumer Products should be
used prior to the application of ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® , Super ThoroSeal ®, ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ®, and ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint?
                               Waterplug ® and ThoroCrete ® .







  21 - What products can be used over Thorite ®?
                               Any cementitious coating, concrete sealer, or concrete paint systems.







  22 - Should the application surface be wet when applying Thoro Consumer Products?
                               Yes, ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® , Super ThoroSeal ®, ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ®, ThoroCrete ®, and Thorite ® require pre-dampened surfaces. Waterplug ® should be kept wet when applying to a dry environment.







  23 - What Thoro Consumer Products are NSF approved for potable water?
                               ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® and Waterplug ®







  24 - Can ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® or Super ThoroSeal ® (or other ThoroSeal ®
Consumer Products) be used to provide waterproofing on a basement floor or
garage floor ?
                               These products are not recommended because of rough-surface characteristics and avoidance of traffic upon the surfaces.







  25 - Is there a Thoro Consumer Product recommended as a waterproofer prior to
the application of tile to a wall or floor?
                               Not recommended due to the rough-surface characteristics following application.